Area Structure Committee

  1. Purpose
    1.1 The purpose of the Area Structure Committee is to maintain the Arkansas Area Structure and the Area Assembly Guidelines and to determine the feasibility of suggested amendments for the Area Chairman.
    1.2 At the direction of the Area Chairman, the Committee will evaluate and make recommendations for Area redistricting, revision of Area Structure and Area Guidelines for the Area Chairman.
    1.3 The Committee shall maintain an adequate supply of current Area Structures and Guidelines for distribution.
  2. Structure
    2.1 The Area Assembly Chairman, with the approval of the Area Assembly Co-Chairman, will appoint an Area Structure Committee consisting of a minimum of five members whose term of office shall not exceed five (5) years and will appoint new members to fill vacancies. All Committee members must be current Area Assembly voting members at the time of their appointment.
    2.2 The Area Delegate and the Area Assembly Chairman will serve on this Committee during their term of office.
    2.3 They may select a Structure Committee Chairman and Co-Chairman; however, the senior committee member normally will serve as Structure Committee Chairman, the next committee member in seniority will serve as Co-Chairman, and each newly appointed member will be the freshman member on the Committee.
  3. Functions
    3.1 This Committee shall meet a minimum of four times annually during the Area Assembly.
    3.2 This Committee’s primary responsibility shall be coordinating in the most effective manner the flow of information pertaining to the Area Structure and Guidelines from the Area Assembly to Districts, Groups and AA members.
    3.3 This Committee is budgeted monies at the January Area Assembly meeting for the year, contingent upon the availability of funds. Disbursement of funds will be approved by a simple majority of this Committee in attendance and a copy of the minutes, including the vote, given to the Area Assembly Treasurer for payment.
    3.4 This Committee will report at each regular quarterly meeting of the Area Assembly on the progress of projects and expenditures of monies.
  4. Activities (See Purpose and Functions above)